Oconee County Citizens Police Academy

The Oconee County Community Outreach Coordinator recently reached out to MLCA to share an exciting opportunity that we feel may be of interest to our members. Specifically, the Sheriff's Office has announced that on September 8th, they will begin their 7th year of conducting the Citizens Police Academy. This classroom event, open to all citizens (18 and older) who either live or work in the county, is conducted over a 10-week period on Tuesday evenings, and one Saturday. The objective is to give participants a general understanding of the various operations of the law enforcement profession, and how they carry out their duties. Subjects covered include:

  • The Criminal Justice System
  • The Juvenile Crime Situation
  • Demonstration of the K9 Unit
  • Gangs, narcotics, and much more

Space will be limited to ensure proper social distancing, so we would encourage anyone interested to sign up soon. Click here for a brochure detailing the program as well as the application required to enroll. Questions can be directed to Helen Westmoreland, the County Outreach Coordinator at

The link to the county's Citizens Police Academy website page is:

Welcome Home

How good a job does your POA/HOA do welcoming new residents into your community? Read this article from the Community Associations Institute for recommendations on how to improve this important process.

Public Service Announcement: Records Retention

We recently had a new member ask for information about what records are required to be kept and for how long. Click here for the pertinent part of South Carolina law on this subject found in the South Carolina Nonprofit Corporation Act.

Public Service Announcement: Registered Agents

Do you know the identity of your association's Registered Agent? Who can be a Registered Agent? Do you know what a Registered Agent does? What happens if your association doesn't have a functioning Registered Agent? How can a Registered Agent be changed? Click here for our recent Public Service Announcement on the subject.

Annual Meeting &
"What Every HOA Board Member Needs To Know" Workshop

Over 50 MLCA members participated in this year's annual meeting on October 22nd at the Waterside Crossing clubhouse. After a brief break and refreshments, attorney Andrew Smith of the Airey Law Firm then presented an in-depth workshop titled "What Every HOA Board Member Needs to Know". Andy shared much critical information and answered numerous "issue specific" questions from the audience. Members can access a copy of the presentation via this link, where you will be required to log in with the password and id you were previously provided.

Your POA/HOA Not An MLCA Member Yet?

If your owner's association is not yet a member of MLCA, they should be! Click this link for our latest membership brochure for additional details regarding our recent activities and programs as well as a list of our current membership. As we like to say, "NONE of us is as smart as ALL of us!" Together, we can make a difference and improve the effectiveness of all of our owner organizations. Join us!

Senior Homestead Exemption

Christy Hubbard, the Oconee County Auditor, recently sent us this notice to county residents regarding an exemption from property taxes for homeowners over age 65, totally and permanently disabled or legally blind. This exemption is on the first $50,000 of value and is IN ADDITION TO the exemption for school operating purposes. Questions to Ms. Hubbard at

MLCA Works for You

To ensure that MLCA continues to focus on the right issues, and devotes our energy and resources to areas where you will gain the greatest benefit, we need on-going input of our members. We also have room on our board to add like-minded, pro-active neighbors who, like us, are interested in making the upstate's communities the most effective they can be. If you're a current or former board member of your owners association and would like to work more closely with us, we encourage you to reach out to us at

for more information about joining our board.

Of Interest

Surveys have been conducted to poll area communities asking HOAs questions on wide-ranging topics that could help you or your community tackle some difficult or complex issues. Click the SURVEYS Navigation Link from any page. If your community has an issue or problem with which it could use advice or perspectives from other associations that might have "been there, done that," send some questions to MLCA at

We will take a survey for you.

Recent Survey Results

Click here for full list

Survey: Trailer Storage

A member association board is considering turning part of an unused community common area into a boat/trailer storage lot. They are interested to know what other communities have done with regard to installing such a facility. The developer is no longer involved with the community and the plan is to have the area fenced and locked. Click here for results.

Survey: Camera Security Systems

Because of a high degree of interest in new security technology, MLCA expanded and updated a survey taken in 2013 on Camera Security Systems. Click here for results.

Survey: Opening Owner Association Swimming Pools

As of Monday, May 18, public swimming pools in South Carolina were allowed to open under recommended guidelines from the CDC. All association owned swimming pools in South Carolina are defined as public pools even though the general public is not allowed access. A member association had concerns about the when and how to re-open its swimming pool and wanted to see what other associations were considering, so it requested this survey. Click here for results.

Survey: Dog Droppings

A member association has a problem with people walking dogs and not picking up after them. This issue is beginning to create a rift between pet owners and others. Its Board is considering options to deal with this issue and thought it might benefit from other folks' successes and regrets. The member association has created this survey and asked MLCA to conduct it. Click here for results.

MLCA Mission: To provide resources and assistance for area Home Owner Associations (HOAs) and Property Owner Associations (POAs) to more successfully deal with common problems, community issues, and legislation that impact our lifestyle, the lakes, and property values. We seek to leverage the collective knowledge and influence of our member HOAs/POAs in political, legislative, and purchased service areas to achieve this mission.