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Public Service Announcement from SCDNR

Prime Contacts — All owners of South Carolina registered watercraft should have already received an announcement from SCDNR. However, for those who missed it for any reason, we think it bears repeating. Please consider sharing this with all your lot owners.

Reporting to Credit Agencies

Many associations report difficulties in getting all owners to pay dues/fees. After the 2019 Annual Meeting, some attendees broached the idea of using credit agencies. The meeting's guest presenter, attorney Andy Smith, provided an interesting article on this topic, "Can You, and Should You, Report HOA Delinquencies to Credit Agencies?" which is provided to you in the following link: creditAgencies.pdf

Recent Issues at CAI

MLCA is a member of CAI (Community Associations Institute), the national watchdog for Owner Associations. We are members of the South Carolina chapter. Recently, CAI lobbied federal lawmakers on four important issues: Emotional Support Animals, the Disaster Assistance Equity Act, the Protecting Local Authority Act, and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The link to CAI's stance on these matters can be accessed at the following link.

Annual Meeting &
"What Every HOA Board Member Needs To Know" Workshop

Over 50 MLCA members participated in this year's annual meeting on October 22nd at the Waterside Crossing clubhouse. After a brief break and refreshments, attorney Andrew Smith of the Airey Law Firm then presented an in-depth workshop titled "What Every HOA Board Member Needs to Know". Andy shared much critical information and answered numerous "issue specific" questions from the audience. Members can access a copy of the presentation via this link, where you will be required to log in with the password and id you were previously provided.

Of Interest

Surveys have been conducted to poll area communities asking HOAs questions on wide-ranging topics that could help you or your community tackle some difficult or complex issues. Click the SURVEYS Navigation Link from any page. If your community has an issue or problem with which it could use advice or perspectives from other associations that might have "been there, done that," send some questions to MLCA at

We will take a survey for you.

Recent Survey Results

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Seneca Building Usage

The City of Seneca asked for ideas about the future use of the Hometown Grocery building located on Walnut Street. Click here for results.

Right of Way Mowing

Should an association direct its lawn care provider to mow grass in the county or state right-of-way in front of and/or on the side of undeveloped lots? Click here for results.

Storm Sewer Basin Responsibility

Who is responsible for upkeep of above-ground stormwater catchbasins on private property that drain public roads? Click here for results.

Boatslip Cash Reserves

A member association requested information on Boatslip Cash Reserves. Their Covenants require that a Reserve Fund be established for the maintenance, repairs and/or replacement of their Community Boatslips, and they are trying to establish the target amount for this Reserve Fund and how to deal with any shortfall. Click here for results.

Trailer Parking

Procedures regarding boat and trailer parking. Click here for results.

MLCA Mission: To provide resources and assistance for area Home Owner Associations (HOAs) and Property Owner Associations (POAs) to more successfully deal with common problems, community issues, and legislation that impact our lifestyle, the lakes, and property values. We seek to leverage the collective knowledge and influence of our member HOAs/POAs in political, legislative, and purchased service areas to achieve this mission.