MLCA constantly monitors proposed changes in the legislative landscape involving homeowner associations. We include all federal, state, and local legislative matters that could affect our members.

Example: South Carolina Act 245 is now law. That legislation created the South Carolina Homeowners Association Act, the Department of Consumer Affairs Services for Homeowners and Homeowners Associations Act, and amended the Residential Property Condition Disclosure Act. It is the first law adopted that is specifically directed at homeowner associations and condominiums in South Carolina. When initially introduced on 4/4/17, it contained language that would have been restrictive and detrimental to our members. MLCA decided to become heavily involved in changing the original bill into something reasonable and helpful to our members.

MLCA's actions:

  1. We were able to have one of our board members secure placement on the board of the South Carolina Legislative Action Committee (SCLAC). This committee works under the umbrella of the Community Associations Institute (CAI), the national watchdog for owner associations. Your annual membership fees help fund MLCA's membership in CAI and all the tangible benefits it brings to our members.
  2. The board members of SCLAC are super qualified, but they represent the very large owner associations across the state, particularly those on the coast. We brought the perspective of our small member associations to the table. We actively promoted several changes made in the bill before its final approval.
  3. We sent two individuals to Columbia to attend a Judiciary Committee hearing on the proposed law. We wanted first-hand knowledge of the proposal.
  4. Along with SCLAC, we worked closely with local state senator Thomas Alexander and low country Senator Tom Davis who were instrumental in having the bill modified into its final language. This included several phone calls to and a face to face meeting with Senator Alexander. These two senators deserve a hearty pat on the back.

Small numbers of people can make a big difference! While MLCA claims a very large association (Chickasaw Point) among its membership, the average size of our remaining member associations is only 68. Small and unique. Small is sometimes ignored or overlooked. We are proud that we stood up for all our members with efforts taken to ensure that the new law is fair and equitable to all. We will continue to watch your back!